Why do we give our tithes and offerings?

Because it is good for you!!!  God, who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, doesn’t need our gift, but we need to give.

Scripture tells the story of a little boy’s who had a lunch sack consisting of 5 biscuits and couple of sardines.  Barely enough to fill his one small stomach.  But when asked, he placed that small gift in the hands of Jesus, and 5000 men plus women and children ate their fill.  Our modern sensibility says "That’s not possible." Which is true, it isn’t possible, but only when it is in our hands under our control.  But when we hand our small gift over to Jesus, when we release our grip on what we claim as ours and put it into his hands it becomes sufficient for the need.

Listen, Jesus didn’t need the little boy’s lunch.  Come on—he is the creator of all that is.  He speaks stuff into existence. He didn’t need the little boy’s lunch except that he knew by his receiving it,  by that little boy giving it, the boy who would become a teen, and an adult—he would never be the same for having given.

God doesn’t need your tithe and offering—but you need to let it go! Giving is one of the best antidotes for one of our biggest curses of sin—selfishness.

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Where do our Tithe's and offerings go?

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