As of October 13 we are NOT meeting in Jubilee Center for our Worship. If you are looking for us, feel free to email us at office@newstoryatl for information. Check back soon for future developments



We are a group of people committed to growing as followers of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to see our communities saturated with the Gospel so that every man, woman and child has a meaningful encounter with Jesus. 

We believe that the journey of being a Christ follower happens most effectively in community.  This is why we strive to live out our faith in the natural rhythms of life.

We are formed by story. 



The Bible is the Story of God - from the very beginning when the writer declares “in the beginning…God,” to the very end when God restores the earth to it’s original form.  The central character - the primary Storyline - is Jesus.  The one we follow - the one in whom we discover our own personal stories.

Everyone has a story and all of our stories are important.  Especially when we recognize that as people who follow Jesus, we are really not the central character in our own story.  The hero of our story is Jesus.  The one who created us, is redeeming us, and will restore us to the glory He intended for His creations.

Stories are the language of the world and are the most powerful form of communication we have.  They speak to the mind, the body, and our spirits.  Through story, we can enter into the world of the people we are called to serve

We strive to become a community that is formed by the Story of God and knows how to communicate that story into the everyday stuff of life, so our entire communities are saturated with the His story.


You're always welcome here

We're glad you're considering a visit with us. Our services are God-centered and informal. Praise music and the teaching of scripture are the two primary components of our worship. We also make time for conversation and connection among friends. 

You can find us on most Saturdays's at:

Jubilee Center
260 Parkway 575
Woodstock, GA 30188

10:30 gather for conversation and coffee

11:15 Worship


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P.O. Box 1427, Woodstock GA 30118 /  (678) 400-0085  /


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